Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Submission to search engines: Best method of increasing web traffic and visitors

Get familiar with site submission

All web masters and ardent bloggers would like more visitors to their web page whether they are running a business or not. While this depends on lots of things like SEO and back links, certain easy methods too exist. Most popular method of doing this is to look up submission sites that submit your web page to hundreds of search engines worldwide.

Bloggers can increase the traffic to their websites by submitting their webpage to some sites given below. While this may be effective, some web sites will require time to show results. However, there is no guarantee that your visitors will increase overnight. 
Do your SEO
For keeping your web site on track with recommendation laid down by search engines, you have to do your SEO. SEO is acronym for Search Engine Optimisation. In short, it is a group of steps that help search engines find your site easily. 
  1. Point your links properly
  2. Use simple words that are related to topic
  3. Keep the page homogenous
  4. Do not create a jumble sale on your pages
If you have an old site that you began years ago, you should link your web page to that old site. It will show search engines that you are an "old guy". Old guys get higher preference with search engines. Getting a higher ranking with search engines means your web page will get called up faster and will have more visitors. 

Second thing is to talk cucumbers when you talk salad. If you begin to talk elephants, the "connection" will be lost. Readers too will find it difficult to relate to ideas that you present. If they see another page you have written, they will skip to the end and sign out. 

When you break up the page into paragraphs, keep moving from one idea to another in a easy manner. Do not swing from one tree branch to the next like an agitated monkey. Of course, you are not one but when you start a new topic remember to signal this to your readers by a paragraph break or sub-heading.

Lastly, one must never push out a whole lot of things hoping something will be interesting. First, your page will begin to lose its direction. Second, points that you wish to illuminate will be shadowed by something irrelevant. You will lose the flow you built up and readers will begin to "frown" when they see the "heap of dog poop".

Wait patiently for good results

After you have submitted your site to submission sites, you must wait for some time. This wait may take one week or it may take months. These submission sites have a long queue of web sites and they will only act if they are incentivised. This means they depend on ads for getting paid. So submission sites will wait for their next sponsor to come along to push the next batch of web sites out. SEO will also take time though the wait is shorter. Search engines are constantly updating their search criterion and so your improved page presentation will immediately get another packet of visitors. 

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