Friday, 19 September 2014

Tripomatic iPhone travel app for tourists

The Tripomatic is a travel app for the iPhone. A company based in Brno in the Czech Republic has developed it. The husband-wife team of Barbora and Lukas Nevosad are the founders of this enterprise. They are both ecommerce students from Sweden. The Next Web rated it as the best travel app of 2012.

The Tripomatic is aimed at bringing interesting places to the attention of tourists through travel maps. It can be used to plan the trip and print the
maps of the places that they wished to see. It presently is optimised for the iPhone 5. It works with iPhones 3GS, 4, 4S, 5, touch version 3 onwards and iPad. You may share the data and trip plans over the Internet using the Facebook or through emails.

Using the app 
You start by typing the name of a city and you will be presented with a list of things and places of interest in the city. It is a free app, which was conceptualized early in 2011 and has been around since 2012.

This app shows 320 + places of interest, 25,000 + attractions, opening closing hours, admission fees and details that is of interest to the tourist. The latest version has plenty of offline maps and data, which was a complaint with the people who could not do so before. Using the phone to read a map at roaming charges is sure to run up the phone bill. Another improvement that met with a lot of smiles was the ability to delete a trip from the app itself.

Imaginary travel or future plans 
The thrill of the app is evident in the way one may 'visit' sites all over the world and discover things of interest. One can save the 'trip' and make plans with your friends before you finally embark on it. The main website syncs with the app on your phone and lets you add details.

When you are planning your family vacation, you should consider different things and different places. One could have a boating vacation, or a holiday at a hill station. One could go on a skiing vacation or visit unknown places. Begin your plans with a list of things you would need on your travels such as appropriate clothing and hiking sandals

Check on holiday packages from tour operators. You could have a European vacation, or holiday in USA. You could visit exotic places in Thailand or see some historic landmarks in India. 

It is rated 4+ in the App store. It is highly recommended to download this app since it is 100% free, you do not like it, and you do not have to worry too much.

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