Thursday, 11 September 2014

Morning Exercise: Dynamic Stretching Exercises and Nutrition

Morning time your body is fully refreshed having repaired damaged cells during the night. Metabolism takes this break, to keep up with growth of tissues. For this reason, it is correct to stretch your muscles in the morning. 

Use combination of exercises such as limbering exercises along side warm up exercises before going on to rapid movement exercises. Rapid movement exercises are useful for building up energy and strengthening muscles in particular parts of the body. 

For example, you may be a sprinter. To develop your calf muscles, you need to do rapid movement exercises. This could be any of the available exercises but here we will see one popular exercise. This involves putting weights to your ankles and moving them side to side and back and forth. This should not be done alone but rather as a part of a complete exercise training program. 

Stretch exercises have enormous benefit since this develops muscles that you have in different parts
of your body. These muscles when stretched keep your body moving with ease. It reduces the strain on your body while moving or working and thus helps you use less energy. Thus, your body is less fatigued and will respond for longer periods without tiring out.

During exercising, you stretch muscles so that they are now in elongated state. Some outer fibers of muscles tear. This allows for new growth of more muscles. During sleep, all cells are repaired and so next morning you can begin your exercises again. 

Metabolic activity normally requires a minimum of 2352 -- 2532 calories per day for  men and 2000 -- 2200 calories for women. Metabolic activities refers to all bodily functions that keep us healthy and active such as breathing, digestion, blood circulation and nervous system functions. If you exercise you use up more energy and so you have to eat more.

Normally, athletes require 780 -- 1090 calories more than normal depending on exercise regimen
adopted. You can get this by increasing vegetable and fruit intake. You can also include nuts and foods rich in fiber such as yams. Green vegetables and colored vegetables such as colored capsicum, spinach, tomatoes, carrots have high nutritive value. Eating a handful of almonds a day helps you get rejuvenated since this has aphrodisiac properties.

Keep your mind and body clear with good food and nice exercise. It is the way to healthy and vigorous lifestyle.  

(All pictures are from Pixabay Public Photos Domain)