Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Write for Wikinut: Earn Money in Your Free Time A Review

Writing at Wikinut
If you have free time and have a flair for writing, then you should consider writing for Wikinut. This writer’s site shares 50% of the revenue generated with the writers. Simple as ABC, you can begin now and get royalties for your articles for life.

Aspects of Wikinut site
i)              Based in Wales and England
ii)            No compulsion to write on any particular topic
iii)          Ready made templates

iv)          Use video and pictures
v)            No copyrighted material allowed
Generally, a very writer friendly site, Wikinut helps newbies a lot because of its gregarious community that has lively interaction amongst writers. Moderation is very lenient and moderators allow most things through. They also help you when you choose a wrong topic for your article or you omit mentioning something pertinent. If you want to publish articles that you published elsewhere, you are allowed to do so. However, you have to mention this fact to the moderators in the box provided in your article template. Obviously, your earning increases when you have more visitors to your page.

Earn money in any of the following ways
a)   Write articles: This is the simplest of three options at Wikinut. You get 50% commission of earnings generated through visitors to your page. Also, it is not necessary to have an AdSense account to begin earning.
b)   Get money for referring your friends to Wikinut: Earn as much as 10% of your referrals earnings when you get your friends to join Wikinut.
c)   Moderate pages and earn money: Become a moderator, increase your earning by getting 5% for your moderation work.

Extra benefits for authors and writers

You will have a statistics page that lets you keep a finger on how your pages are doing and how much you have earned to date. You can cash out your earning when it reaches a total of £2.50. Previously, it was set at £5.00. I just cashed out my first paycheck at Wikinut and I am sure plenty of other writers will attest to the feeling of accomplishment one gets when this happens. You can use special formatting and dynamic content in your pages by following simple directions outlined in the Help section. So, if you have free time and like to write perfect articles, write for Wikinut, you will enjoy it.