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Intriguing Enchanting India: Exciting Tourist Destination

Best tourist spots in India
Among all tourist destinations, India has a rugged charm that envelops an equally intriguing natural splendour. From palaces to beaches, historical monuments and artifacts to museums, every corner of India is replete with enchanting articles that any tourist will love to explore. Find great places to visit in exotic and exciting India.

When you talk of family vacation spots with respect to India, one must mention the Golden Triangle of Indian tourism. You are assured of great holiday action for entire family and you visit tourist spots that are good value for children too and not too expensive either if you have the right travel agent.

Golden Triangle in India
Agra – Delhi – Jaipur each located within 200 – 250 km distance of each other, they comprise the Golden Triangle of Indian tourism. It is highly accessible by trains in Indian Railways circuit.

A) Delhi consists of two distinct zones, Old Delhi made of crumbling buildings and well ordered New Delhi. Monuments, forts and ancient mosques constructed during the times of old Mughal rulers within neat structured gardens spell bind tourists.

B) Agra is home to Taj Mahal, marble monument built by Shah Jahan for his wife Mumtaz Mahal. Agra is 3 hours drive from Delhi. Taj Mahal is a UNESCO World Heritage site having white domes typical of architectural style of that time that combined Indian styles with those of Persian, Ottoman, and Islamic styles. The construction began in 1632. It took 21 years to complete this magnificent mausoleum.

C) Jaipur is desert that is characterized by its pink structures. Palace of Winds (Hawa Mahal) stands
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majestically over the Old City. It has royal residences, forts and palaces alongside innumerable shopping centers. It is cheap for tourists yet have high value since there is so much to do and discover here.

North Indian destinations

If you plan to make North India your annual holiday destination, then you must know something about the best places to visit on your family vacation. Here is a round up of the best spots.
a.    Darjeeling: Proudly christened “Queen of Hill Stations”, Darjeeling lies in cradle of Himalayas in West Bengal state. It is famous for it Darjeeling Himalayan Railways as also for its tea estates. The railway line is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
                                             i.     Himalayan Zoo: You find an abundance of Himalayan animals here. Family tourists love to look at animals in this zoo. Learn about raising animals in this article.

                                            ii.     Japanese Peace Pagoda: This is a venture undertaken by the Japanese Buddhist Nipponzan-Myohoji order. Japanese Peace Pagoda is one of the 30 pagodas they have constructed throughout the world. To learn more about event organisation visit here.

                                          iii.     Tiger Hill: Tiger Hill lies at an altitude of 2590 meters and presents a breathtaking view of Mt Everest. Watching the sunrise is a favourite event with tourists. You can avail of many discount packages that help you save money on your annual family trip.

                                          iv.     Rock Garden: This is a favourite with female tourists.
Flowering plants are set amidst rocks presenting a unique dimension of beauty. Tourists like to be photographed in these rocky surroundings.

b.   Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh has lovely scenic beauty and is an ideal tourist destination for family and individuals on their annual holiday trip. Chamba, Shimla, Dharmashala, Manali, Mandi and Dalhousie top the list of desirable places for tourists to visit.
                                 i.     Spiti Valley: This “middle land” or “little Tibet” lies between India and Tibet. Dwellers of this desert region are Buddhists. Elevation of this place is 12, 500 feet above sea level. One can see 550 year-old mummy at GUE village and admire 1000 year-old wall paintings at Tabo village.
                                ii.     Malana: Malana is a secluded village with poor connectivity to outside world. Their source of income is from cannabis, which they began selling to outside world only recently. They have a remarkable system of government, which could be traced either back to ancient Hindu traditions where Jamlu Rishi is head of everything or to Alexander the Great and his Greek soldiers. Three passes connect Malana to Kulu – Chanderkhani pass full of natural scenic splendor, Parbati valley road (Rasholi pass) and drive from Jari. Visit this primitive village in the Himalayas to catch a glimpse of their unique culture and ceremonies
                                    iii.     Kullu: Replete with tourist attractions and natural beauty, Kullu offers the family vacations exciting things to do like white water rafting, angling, heli-skiing, trekking and paragliding. Overtly mountainous, this place is one belonging to the legends. According to Hindu mythology, Kullu is supposed to be the place where all mankind began. Snow skiing and angling has enormous number of takers. Kullu, with its unspoiled scenic hilly splendor is particularly renowned for trekking.
                                     iv.     Manali: This hill station is situated in the banks of River Beas and has an elevation of 6,726 feet. Referred to as “Valley of Gods”, Manali is supposed stopover of Manu, the lawgiver in Hindu mythology. Earliest inhabitants were naur family (nar) who used to employ nomadic “rakshas” people to work for them. British introduced apple together with trout. Apple, pear and plum remain the mainstay of Manali economy
                                    v.     Shimla: When the British were in India, Shimla was their summer capital.
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It is natural to seek many splendid remnants of colonial past along with Anglo-Saxon names. Places of tourist interest are many
1.   Kufri: Local sports center during winter – it also has a zoo.
2.   Sankat Mochan: Location of famous Hanuman temple.
3.   Shimla State Museum: Has unique miniature paintings in Pahari style, woodcarvings, bronzes, sculptures, textiles, jewelry and costumes.
4.   Christ Church: Christ Church is a very ancient church that has stained glass windows situated on the Ridge.
5.   The Mall: Main shopping street of Shimla, it has everything a tourist could want from banks and restaurants to tourist offices, clubs and bars.
6.   Jakhu Hill: Another one of those exciting things to do on your annual vacation to India is to visit Jakhu hill. It boasts of Hanuman temple with a 108 feet statue of the monkey god, located at a height of 8,500 feet above sea level. For your information, Christ the Redeemer statue located in Rio de Janeiro atop Corcovado Mountain at an elevation of 2, 300 feet is 124 feet tall including its base pedestal (24 feet).  Save time by making list of things to do on your annual family vacation trip.

c.    Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
i.     Gravity defying palace: Monarch Nawab Asaf-ud-Daula commissioned the structure that has 50-meter central hall rising up to three stories without any beams or pillars. The secret lies in its interlocking brickwork. Equally fascinating is the labyrinth “Bhuibhulaiya” that has 1000 narrow staircases built with the idea of preventing intruders from attacking the place. A good idea would be to get holiday packages that include both travel and boarding. Look up agents who will do it for you.

d.   Madhya Pradesh
i.     Khajuraho: Built in Nagara style during the rule by the Chandela dynasty, Khajuraho Love Temple overflows with passion love and culture. This temple dates back to 11th century. Various creative art forms are depicted on its walls.
e.    Himalayan region
 i.     Nainital, Uttarakhand
 ii.     Jammu and Kashmir

1.   Ladakh
a.    Frozen Zanskar river
b.   Magnetic hill

2.   Kashmir: Srinagar is the winter capital of Kashmir. Typical family tourists enjoy a shikara ride (boat ride) on Dal Lake before taking in the natural splendor of the valley. Romantic couples relive their love in these cushioned interiors. Houseboats serve fragrant Kashmiri cuisine before visiting the Mughal Gardens,
resplendent with flowers of various colors, fountains and lush green grass underfoot. River Jhelum flows through the old city that has shrines, fortresses and mosques from its glorious past. You can partake on a visit to Gulmarg a short distance from Srinagar. Here you can indulge in horse riding. You can also fish in River Lidder. 

Apart from all this, Kashmir is famous for it mouthwatering gastronomical delights such as gushtaba and tarts. Locals are very skilled in weaving and so you get world famous pashmina shawls and carpets that are hand woven. Here are some places of notable tourist interest.
A)  Dal Lake
B)   Nishat Garden
C)   Pari Mahal
D)  Shalimar Gardens
E)  Dachigam Wildlife Sanctuary

This review presents a detailed insight for tourists planning their annual holiday in India. Writing a review is tough and needs careful preparation and planning. It is also tough making the itinerary for a holiday especially when you are travelling with your family. Get the best holiday packages, great prices for equally great destinations by locating correct holiday agents for your trip.

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