Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Check new exercises for your morning routine

Morning time is refreshing. You have had a good night's sleep and your body is fully repaired and rearing to go. Plan your exercise routine so that you do not waster time wondering what to do.

Get some limbering exercises on
Begin with some small stretching exercises that help you warm up. If you have open space where you can run, you can begin with a jog around the filed. Shake your hands and move your head in all directions as you jog. Once you are sweating nicely, begin your stretching exercises.

a) Arms swing
Raise your arms to one side above your head. Move weight from one foot to the other as you bring the arms down and across and up to the other side. Now, do the same and bring the arms to its original position. Remember to keep your body weight balanced and moving from one foot to the other.

b) Pushups
These are very useful. Lie down on the ground facing downwards. Keep your arms on your sides near the hip level. Push your body up and hold position for a moment or two. Now lower your body down and raise it up again. Do this cycle for as many times as possible.

c) Jumping exercise
In this exercise, you will move from one foot to other while hopping on your legs alternately. The other leg will be kicking out or bending and straightening. This helps to mobilize your leg movements and bring mobility to your lower abdomen region.

Keep your body fit through exercises. It helps motivate and it energizes your metabolism. This makes
your life fuller and richer. Start now.

(All pictures are from Pixabay Public Domain Photos)

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