Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Maintain Physical Vigor In Family Life: A Review of How Aphrodisiac Foods Help

Need for aphrodisiac food

Aphrodisiac food is like normal food, only they have a lot more essential nutrients than normal food. One understands that eating good food helps people to accomplish their tasks easily because they have physical strength. In this review you will see how even in family life, eating nice rich food helps one immensely.

Common aphrodisiac food

Common aphrodisiac foods are our daily vegetables, cereal, herbs and fruits. Yes, food that we commonly eat has aphrodisiac properties but we should know which ones to choose. We begin with some fruits, vegetables and spices we use commonly.

     i.        Oranges: Oranges have Vitamin C and folic acid – these are                      highly  essential for male as well as female reproductive systems.
   ii.         Coconut: Invigorating – it is used in variety of forms as coconut milk, coconut wine, paste in curry and chutney. It increases metabolic rate and blood flow in your body. One of the natural aphrodisiacs man has ever known.
 iii.    Pomegranate:  Increases person’s sensitivity by increasing blood flow through the genital area.
 iv.         Coriander: This strong aphrodisiac also has anti-inflammatory properties. Helps in relieving cough too.  
   v.         Carrots: Has vitamins that increase production of hormones.

Lacking physical prowess

People who are not eating will find small tasks impossible to carry out. Make a review of your eating habits. Many other people have problems with their health in that they are unable to do work for prolonged stretches. They become famished very easily. Here is an easy way to bring vigor and health back into your life.

A choice of nuts and sweets

Many nuts and sweets too have superb aphrodisiac properties. Let us examine them so that we can incorporate these in our daily diet.

1)   Sunflower: Sunflower petals are consumed ground with tea—the vitamin E and chlorogenic acid stimulates the person who has this. Married people consume this to get a happier and fuller family life.

2)  Chocolate: Powerful aphrodisiac phenylethylamine, cocoa is considered food of gods – it also has caffeine and theobromine, which are stimulants. It also helps increase influx of dopamine in your brain.
3)   Pine nuts: Pine nuts have lots of zinc that is needed for testosterone production. It has been used since ancient times to give a boost to family life of men.

Understand how your body operates

You know that your body performs various functions like taking care of blood circulation, breathing, temperature control, digestion and managing your nervous system so that your thinking is clear and your nerves function normally, help your muscles coordinate when you move or work and infinite other things.

Common spices that have aphrodisiac properties
a)   Mustard: Promotes virility
b)   Nutmeg: ‘Love chemical’ a strong stimulant
c)   Parsley: Stalk especially root have apitol that has strong stimulating properties, causing irritation in urinary passage and uterus – should not be consumed by pregnant women
d)   Pepper : Pepper increases physical drive
e)   Saffron: Saffron promotes emotional drive in women, produces long standing interactions without end
f) Cinnamon: Anti-inflammatory properties along with help in normalizing blood sugar makes cinnamon one of the most sought after spice. Add it with any sweet or take it with milk.

Prevent damage to your body

Food that you eat provides you all the energy you require for your metabolic activity. Your metabolism digests food and converts it to energy. Your body assimilates this energy and begins to function. Insufficient energy will lead to shutting down of some systems in your body and it will operate in ‘starvation mode’. This will lead to improper functioning and damage tissues inside your body. Eat healthy food, nutritious food so that your body gets all the nourishment it needs for the day.

Some flowering plants, roots and tree barks too have good aphrodisiac and euphoriant properties.

I)             Wood rose: Seeds contain ergoline and lysergic acid amide that create stimulating effect on people who consume them.
II)           Yohimbe: Used to treat impotency since ancient times, however it has side effects and should be used with caution. This tree bark is consumed as a decoction.

III)        Aswagandha: This root is powdered and consumed with milk – makes a man physically strong like a horse.

Balance your food intake so that it has 40% proteins, about 20 – 30% carbohydrates and around 15 – 20% fats. In addition, you need vitamins because your body cannot process these on its own. Some essential minerals are required for synthesis of vital enzymes and for proper functioning of your body processes. Aphrodisiac foods provide ample quantities of essential minerals and vitamins. Hope this review helped you. 

(All pictures are from Pixabay Public Photos Domain)