Monday, 1 September 2014

Exercises Combination for Winter Mornings: A Review

Exercises ideal for winter mornings

With onset of cold season, many will find exercises are not what the doctor
ordered. So, in this review you will find some easy exercises that will permit you to finish your exercise regimen easily and fast. However, they will remain effective in keeping your muscles pumped up and your body vitalized throughout the day.

Combination of exercises

Exercises should be a combination of stretching and limbering. Limbering exercise put your body in an ideal condition for doing other exercises. Here are some easy exercises for beginners.

Static stretches
i)              Raised leg stretch: Raise your leg behind your back as you lean forward. Bring your other hand behind you and seize your leg. Raise your hand to balance your body. Hold position for couple of seconds. Repeat with other leg.
ii)               Torso turn: Stand with legs apart. Slowly twist torso until you are almost facing behind. Keep your hands spread for balance. Then come back to original position and turn the other way. Do many cycles (15 –20 times) at comfortable speed.

i)              Arms swinging: This is very effective and useful exercise.
Swing your arms from side to side. Shift weight from one leg to the other as you swing. This loosens the torso and helps keep your movement supple.
ii)            Jogging: Slow jogging releases knots in the muscles. It increases blood flow and warms up muscles zones in your body.

Dynamic stretches
i)              Kick jumping: Once your body is warmed up, you can do this. Jump with both legs without break. On the third or fourth jump draw in your legs and kick out vigorously. Repeat this for 4 –5 cycles.
ii)             Alternate leg hop kicking: Stand at ease and begin hopping on alternate legs. After you establish rhythm, begin to kick out with the other leg when you hop.

Importance of exercises

Exercises keep your muscles toned and increase your metabolic rate. Your body needs lesser energy to move since skeletal system now has better and firmer support. Remember muscles of the back and abdomen support your
upper torso. If you do not keep them conditioned, you will spend more energy in balancing your body when you move. Now that you have read the review do your little bit and reap the benefits.

(All photos are from Pixabay Public Domain Photos)

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