Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Morning deliriousness and effects of red light of dawn

People everywhere, some run some walk some No they do not! Definitely. It takes some time and lots of coffee to get that faculty going. Unless you encounter a dog. 

Man  is supreme animal especially in the morning

Dogs take after people. They like to guide people around in the morning...the moving eye! Of course,
Chinese claim that this moving eye is their invention, though how dogs understand Chinese is mind boggling. 

Make your own breaks in the morning

If you understand Chinese and then you respect a Chinaman. They are invaluable because they provide the break in an otherwise monotonous morning. Quite so! It is unusual to see a Chinaman in a South Indian state. 

Just as you could not see people laughing at this early hour. Wait, there is a group of people who are laughing on the beach. Why? You must wait around to find out. 

Temporary insanity is expectable

Morning deliriousness is contagious. It makes people laugh and it makes them run. And when the red light disappears everything returns to normal. 

People begin to talk normally and walk normally. It is nothing to worry about. 

(All pictures are courtesy of Pixabay Public Domain Photos)