Monday, 4 August 2014

Commonwealth Games and US Open Mornings are wonderful again with madness

Do you ever feel light like a bird in the sky? Do you feel tensions of daily life pressing on all sides? Well, here we are in between the Commonwealth Games and the US Open...the time of our life when we are not troubled by either. Isn't it wonderful?

You suddenly do not have to worry whether India is losing its hockey match or whether your badminton team is not performing at its best. You do not have to count the medals and golds and you do not have to worry about the next day you do not have to travel to Coorg to get your coffee ---  it is going to be wonderful.

Suddenly the cup of coffee is much sweeter and there is a breeze in the trees. Never noticed it before and I have time for my exercises. I might even go for a run or sit in the garden watching bees pollinating flowers or go surf the Internet.

So, I discovered the eight wonder of the world, a great new silence, wonderful and complete in its absence
of tension and disturbances. It is another wonderful morning. It will last for a few more days and then US Opens will begin. Care to sing in the morning merriment or do you love this kind of morning madness? Come pull up a chair.

(All pictures are courtesy  of Pixabay Public Domain Photos)