Friday, 29 August 2014

Exercise Dynamic and Static: Morning Time Impetus for Healthy Living

Morning time is happy time. Most of us like to exercise and keep fit. Mornings make me smile for reasons more than one. Morning is the time I make my travel plans...kidding of course. I plan my daily schedule and take note of my appointments for the day. I feel alive at this time of the day. 

New beginning for you

Use the freshness in the body to the maximum. Our metabolism is designed to work through the night to recreate new cells and help new tissues to grow. Since all this occurs in our sleep, we awake refreshed with new vitality. 

Energy and you

Remember to eat well. Our body requires 2543 calories of energy. This is through food. Food should be balanced with 40% proteins, 30% carbohydrates and 30% fats. In addition, one should also have enough vitamins and minerals since these help in synthesis of enzymes and also in metabolic functions. Good balanced meal will keep your metabolism ticking over like clockwork. Moring exercises work well when you eat well.

Stretching exercises for everyone

Best exercises are stretching exercises. Stretching can be dynamic or static. Static stretches are easier
since this only involves holding your position for a couple of seconds and then releasing it. Dynamic stretching consists of movement and stretches that occur due to and during movement. Kick jumping
is one example of this kind of stretching. It is useful for athletes and sports persons who are training for an event. 

Have a great and wonderful day

Thus, beginning your morning in the right manner helps you breeze through the day. Since your body is now more attuned to tensions (remember those stretches you did in the morning?), you are able to move and work with lesser effort. It makes you happier and makes your work more delightful.