Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Danger of Ignoring Symptoms of Sleep Apnea

Snoring is natural
Sleep Apnea affects more people than we imagine. It is often ignored because its symptoms are so common place. Sleep apnea is a disorder that causes disruptions in your breathing pattern while you sleep. Breath begins again with a harsh rasping sound we call – snore. A snore is natural and so we did not do anything. This is a common reason and everyone accepts this.

Causes for sleep apnea
The most dangerous thing you can do when you are dealing with sleep apnea is this – ignore it. This ailment can have any one of these causes.
a)     Psychological factor
b)    Nervous system failure
c)     Blockage due to growth in airways
Reason for danger is sleep apnea could lead to a host of other related diseases. Some of these diseases are:
i)                   Congestive heart disease
ii)                 Problems related to synthesis of blood sugar
iii)               Elevated pressure
iv)               Mental disturbances

Physiology of this ailment
When we sleep, the body will repair our damaged cells and carry out metabolic activity like breathing, blood circulation for purification of various tissues, building new cells and tissues and maintaining body temperature. During sleep, the rate of metabolism slows down, consequently body temperature cools down. Body now concentrates on purification and building up process.
When the breath stops altogether, this can occur for as much as fifteen seconds to 2 minutes even, the purification process is halted altogether. The body does not receive enough oxygen and so carbon dioxide builds up in the blood. The cell building process stops and so does all repair activity.

Other related dangers
Synthesizing energy from sugar is the main source of energy for metabolic activities. Due to uneven breathing, metabolic activities are disrupted making it impossible to synthesize the sugar. Now, the body faces an energy crisis and it shuts down unnecessary systems. This leads to various problems in the body.
Proper sleep is necessary for good health (Pixabay Public Domain Photos)


Cause and treatment of sleep apnea
There are three kinds of causes for sleep apnea. Knowing the cause is vital this will help in treating the disease. All three are of three different kinds.
1)     Obstruction to airways caused by excessive growth of tissues
2)     Failure of central nervous system
3)     Psychological factors
When a person has medical conditions such as tonsillitis it could cause swelling of glands leading to blockage of airways. In addition, if a person has too much of fat he or she might have blockage in the throat region. This constitutes the first cause for sleep apnea.
Second, the central nervous system which signals the person to wake up when the breath stops, does not send the signal. The person remains without breath for a long time and begins to choke. He then wakes up but being in deep sleep, he or she does not realize his or her condition and goes on sleeping.
The third factor is psychological conditions. These are brought on by stress factors or due to illness. The person experiences weakness and in the helpless state fails to breath properly. 

Sleep Apnea must be treated at once (Pixabay Public Domain Photos)

One can treat the obstructive sleep apnea by using oral devices. One can use continuous positive air pressure (CPAP) to force the person to breathe properly. The people who are too tired should take some energy drink to improve the metabolic rate. Use of medication like modafinil oral also helps.  

Simple precautions
One can use these steps to avoid aggravating the symptoms. This will only help if the symptoms are mild. If they are severe and need treatment then you should go in for that.
a)     Do not drink alcohol before bedtime
b)    Do not consume sleeping pills
c)     Sleep on one side
(All matter given here is not a substitute for medical advice. If you have any of the symptoms, you shod immediately consult your physician.)