Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Brazil Drubbed out of Football World Cup 2014 7 –1 by Germany

Brazil was outplayed 7 – 1 by Germany in the Football World Cup 2014. Some expected a German win while many were hopeful for a Brazilian victory. However, the drama was scripted by the Germans who did not allow Brazil into the game in the first half and most of the second half too. 

Shock in the stadium

Everyone in the stadium, including the Brazilian playing side, watched in disbelief as Germans ran up a 5 – 0 lead in the first half. No one in their senses would have stayed behind for the second half, except perhaps the playing eleven and people in a state of shock.  Actual standard of play came to the fore and Brazil sadly was out of it.

Insipid second half

The game in the second half of the Football World Cup 2014 was not a game though
Germans dominated the game entirely (Pixabay Public Domain Photos)
there were three goals scored – one by Brazil (This consolation goal by Oscar was the highest point of the Brazilian game). It was lifeless people walking around…they were too tired to run.  The game ended with the score reading 7 – 1, nothing could be more emphatic. Perhaps the bravado and rough play that the Brazilian players put up is a reflection of their ineptness and that was available in plenty. Scorers for Germany were Muller, Klose, Kroos (two goals), Khedira, and Schurrle (two goals).         

Finalists for World Cup 2014

Germany will face either Netherlands or Argentina in the final  (Pixabay Public Domain Photos)
One feels sad not for Brazil but for a host nation that paid a price too heavy literally and figuratively for being a part of the World Cup 2014. They were short of resources both fiscally and talent wise. There was no magic and there were goals in plenty. So, thus ended another sojourn, of a team that had high aspirations but lacked enough firepower.  It will be Germans in one playing half of the World Cup final. Who will be there at the other side? It could be the Argentinians or it may be the Dutch. We have to wait for the evening match and see.

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