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Article Writing and SEO: Make Content Interesting

Essence of article writing

Article writing is interesting but laborious. Structure is important and so is grammar. This kind of adherence to principles makes content readable. Readers find it worthwhile to spend time poring over your article contents. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps your content stand out and keeps out any deficiencies in content creation. Writing is not easy anyway. 
Content should be simple and interesting
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Main aspect of writing articles is content creation

A.  Break your content into pieces

When your content stretches out like miles and miles of empty desert sands, readers will have to run in search of their camel or find new havens. For effective article writing, your SEO dictates that you have to keep it short. They are not going to trudge through endless desert nights and bear sand storms unless there is a point.

For this reason, one has to make paragraphs. This will highlight each point in the manner you mean it to be. Effective SEO involves article writing that has good demarcations.

B.  Find the topic with every sentence

a.    Center your content: You have different ideas such as creating new bathroom floors or redoing tiles so that they are all in line with the d├ęcor. To the reader it is all gibberish. They will not even know whether you are talking about a night on the town or whether your bathroom walls needs redoing. If you center your content, there will be a flow and readers will understand your point at every turn. SEO in article writing envisages clear content creation.

                                              i.     Write to the point: Illustrate each point with an example. This will help readers pick and choose what they want to read. It is like making heaps of mangos each of one type alone.

                                            ii.     Use paragraph titles: Make headers to keep your content within your idea. Therefore, each paragraph deals with one idea alone. This kind of SEO in article writing is very important since most links you use to impress search engines depend on it.
b.  Do not digress: You have to stress on the topic of your article. However, you must not go to Mecca to impress Jesus. When you step away from your racetrack, you find it difficult to get back on it.
c.    Write many points: All articles on the Internet have same type of content. When you go online, you find a few that stand the test of time. Mainly because they are loaded with points. They have more material and more to give to the readers.

C.  Keep content fresh
Make a point always
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a.  Do not repeat: Many online writers will duplicate other articles because they are not having time. If you repeat, you will only have a fraction of readers that you otherwise would have. Repetitions are boring – readers lose interest and article falls flat. For good SEO, in your article writing you have to avoid repetitions.
b.   Make interesting points: Readers have better things to do than read about old grand mummies fighting over the price of fish. They like to read about underground metallic cities and space travel. They want to learn something taking place in the world that they nothing about until now.
Keywords should be just adequate yet present
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D. Use effective links

a.    Make links to peer sites: Peer sites are those Internet web sites that come into being a long time ago. They provide the roadmap for all Internet traffic and they dictate level of respect that your site should get. Making links to such site will help you increase search engine rankings of your website.
                                              i.     Link within page should be linear: All links within your website should point in the same direction. The search engines will find it easy to look up your site. If the keyword you use are aligned in the heading and content to illustrate some point clearly then search engines will rank your website above all others.


                                                         ii.     External links must be pointed properly: Similarly, your external links have to point towards some particular topic or web niche without any doubt. If you sell children’s garments, you must point towards the school sites, libraries and tuition center sites. This way parents who come to find out material for their children will find these garment center advertisements and thus your sales will increase.
b. Links to similar sites: Search engines will put a query “Dark Colored Travel Boxes” then all web pages having one or more of the search query words will appear in the results. If you link to sites having all the words, you will have a higher ranking and will appear before other sites. Sites that do not have all the words will appear lower in the ranking.

E.  Adjust the keyword density

Articles must be refreshing
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You must not have too many words describing one thing. If you write huge, big, round, yellow, rising moon the reader will find it uninteresting. Instead, if you write yellow moon rising in the sky it becomes very interesting. You call this point as keyword adjustment.
Keyword adjustment is more important when you have active commercial dealings rather than merely social interactions.

Creation of good SEO article

SEO makes your article interesting. Every optimized article behaves better and has a gorgeous look that bewitch readers. Article content is interesting and holds readers spellbound until the very end.

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