Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Pay your bills again today

Fight beyond death (Pixabay Public Domain Photos)

When you think of life and death religion and beliefs
You suddenly begin to fear death and the dead of thieves
Fighting again in shadows of prostitution and old old things
Of dead bodies food and of ungodliness in rings

Mind is cracked
Open like a magician with a wand
Of things that have gone to auction sidetracked
Swing another door shut hanging frond

Devils with misshapen faces and lumped up bodies
When reason loses out (Pixabay Public Domain Photos)
Cried and screamed in their agony the thieves
Run faster and faster towards the light quo vadis
Thousand prepositions spring anew and the mind grieves

Mind remains cracked
Sidetracked forever forlorn and forsaken
Petitions of sinners written in ageless books and packed
For all eternity to accompany the wretched mind that has taken

Another belief now grown towers
Like eternal fires shrink bones cries grow loud
Shaking all buildings and bowers
Undead spring up with mighty will from the ground and crowd

The mind creaks and breaks
Among lonely howling agony ghosts and unruly thoughts
Soul is expunged to dreary depths of hells eternal curses that makes
Eternity seem so wonderful with brawls and bouts

Reason has fled the lonely body and mind
Images of their undead parents and friends flash through
Only living thing is debt and death (Pixabay Public Domain Photos)
Like unpaid bills that sit up and yell to all living kind
Of Zombies werewolves and half breeds people born again without a clue

For deep in the filthy darkness there is a horror
Awaiting those who venture without their minds in control
Truly they never return to sane ways again in the mirror
You again see your fate unveiling vampires in many a role

Shrieking songs accompany this weird inhuman bunch
Their body drops all around them until they feel no more pain

Snuffling shuffling they trudge along to crunch
Ignorance and weakness falling around like rain