Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Way to Good Health: Exercise Good Food and Good Rest

Life is for us without any costs or strings. However, the quality of life depends on many factors, primarily health. Why is this?

Being healthy means having a constitution that is filled with vitality free of any diseases and thus having a happy carefree mind. Our metabolism is dependent on the food we eat. If it is nutritious then we have sufficient energy to meet all of life's challenges. 

Our daily requirement is 2453 calories of energy to carry out all the metabolic activities that include breathing, blood circulation, digestion and activities related linked to our nervous system. To get this we have to consume proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals. We also need water. 

All that is fine, we eat our food and we get our calories and vitamins. Which food is good and which ones are not? In general, one can say all packaged ready-made food items like fries, sugary drinks and sweets are not good. Fruits, vegetables and nuts are good. One must have good fats and avoid bad fats. Olive oil is an example of oil having good fats. 

Exercises helps the body rid excess fats that are present in the diet. It increases the rate of metabolism so that digestion rate increases and fats get burnt up. That is the general idea. One can do slow exercises like walking or one can do rapid exercises like stair running. Slow exercises are helpful in burning fats. Rapid exercises are useful for building muscles. 

Lastly, we must have good rest. This is because the body needs the time to repair its tissues and regenerate cells. The minimum amount of rest one should have is 7 -- 8 hours every day. 

Good exercise, food and rest helps you maintain a healthy body. It is easy to do. One must begin today if one has not already.