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Nintendo 3DS Adventure Game Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon

Ghouls to the brim in this game
If you like adventure video games with ghosts then Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon will thrill you endlessly. Nintendo also publishes this sequel to Luigi’s Mansion. Luigi is the ghost hunter assisting the Professor E. Gadd in doing two things. One is to recover the missing Dark Moon and two to fight and capture those wicked ghouls in the mansion.
Mansions where the Dark Moon is hidden
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Story outline
Professor E. Gadd who is studying ghosts living in Evershade Valley undergoes imprisonment in his lab. The ghosts with friendly nature have suddenly gone bad and are attacking him. This happens because someone or something has caused the Dark Moon that keeps ghosts happy to break up and
Ghosts must be captured by Luigi
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disappear. Professor calls Luigi for duty to catch all those ghosts and get the Dark Moon back.

Set up of the Evershade mansions
There are five mansions and each has one piece of the Dark Moon (or it may differ). There are several floors in the mansion and Luigi has to tackle it one floor at a time. He has to find clues and solve them to reach the Dark Moon.

Action of the ghost
Ghosts keep attacking Luigi and if he is weak then he will fall down and the game will be over. He has to start all over again. He has a Poltergust 5000 that has the power to overcome and capture the ghost. Luigi also uses it to pick up the money and reach in the corners for things that remain hidden.

Catching the ghouls
Luigi also has a great weapon Dark Light device. This one will show objects that remain hidden and so it will help him find things and solve the mystery. He also has a flashlight that will help him to stun the ghouls. The ghouls will show their numbers and at that time, Luigi will use the Poltergust 5000 to capture the ghouls.

Multiplayer mode for Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon action game
The players can play together four at a time. Each Luigi is of different color and the players have to work on his or her mansion. They complete the given task within the time allotted and win. Players have the choice of going in together or tackling the ghosts separately.

Spend your leisure hours in enjoyment
This wonderful game will keep you occupied in your leisure time. The plot is good and the action is compelling enough to want to play it again and again. The final countdown comes when King Boo the villain tells Luigi that he has trapped Professor and his brother Mario inside a painting. Therefore, Luigi fights King Boo and has to rescue the Professor. After they recover all the pieces of the Dark Moon, the ghouls recover from their spell and become friendly ghosts again.
Gamers will enjoy Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
pic courtesy: Public Domain Photos of Pixabay
Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon action adventure
Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon will thrill those who love gaming and also those who love ghouls. You will enjoy guiding Luigi in his mission. You can also play it together with your friends.

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