Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Creating more time in a busy schedule

When time runs out, you have lost. This is more than just an event it is life. We make schedules at least in our minds and think about them when we are free. When we forget about them our time loses value and we do things we should not do.
So, here is the way to organize time.
Time is of essence always
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  1. Reschedule things you can
  2. Never leave essentials until the last
  3. Break the work up
  4. Take time off
  5. Use apps that you can download from the Internet

We begin the day with thinking of grand things we could and will do. We achieve only a part of this because in a day we have only so many working hours. We time to eat and sleep just as we need time to read the newspaper. Only when we give everything in life its due, we come to realize how certain things are more important than the others.

In the process, we should not omit important things. Eating gives us nourishment. If we miss out on this then we will not have energy to last out through the day. If you miss out on your full sleep quota, you will again feel listless through out the day. So, make sure you are doing the important things in the correct manner.

There are many apps on the Internet that will help you. Keep time with the time scheduler. If you have an Android phone then you can use the Astrid 2.10.0 to work out your schedules. Another app you should have is Google Voice. This makes your phone bills cheaper and you have a virtual number to boot.

It is time you began to take the game of life seriously. Get organized and improve your lifestyle. After all, it is your life.

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