Monday, 23 June 2014

Mornings that make you sing and dance

Most mornings are alike but there are a few that make you want to sing and dance. They are like the cookies that granny makes -- sweet and utterly delicious and makes you want some more.
Sing and dance and make merry
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Nothing wrong with that sing and dance I mean, after all that is what makes life merry. Several things contribute to making your day come alive.
  1. Coffee (Hey! Where is my coffee?)
  2. Newspaper
  3. Granny's call
  4. Sing and dance

When you sing and dance alone however, people want to know what makes you happy. They do not realize that it is your way of finding out what to do with your time.

Festivals are special times when you do not stand out -- I mean when you sing and dance. Everybody does it and when you join in those festivities, you belong.

Belonging is a dream. When we are young, we belong to our father and mother. When we are older, we belong to some institution or organization. When we are married, we belong to our spouses and when we have children we belong to our children. Naturally, all children have a natural propensity to sing and dance.

Local dances are exotic
Pic Courtesy: Pixabay Public Domain Photos 
Most of the people of a locality have a particular kind of rhythm and song they use when they sing and dance. In the South, we have Kolattam (Andhra Pradesh) where the dancers use sticks to invoke a rhythm. Kuchipudi is also popular in this region. People of Mizoram go for the legs with bamboo poles and this is Cheraw dance. Dancers hop in and out of these poles moved by other dancers sitting on the floor.

Perhaps the most famous of all is Bharatnatyam, a dance form of the people of Tamilnadu. It is very expressive form of dance with lot of facial expression and body movements. Many people study Bharatanatyam so that they get better bearing and manners. I like it when people sing and dance.  

In fact, more people who sing and dance, the better.

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