Saturday, 14 June 2014

First Person Shooter Games: Doom Quake Killer Shark Doom and Quake

Game thrill: Online and Console gaming

Never has anyone complained about game playing unless he or she did not have the best game around. First person shooter games like Doom, Killer Shark and Quake are thrilling and even new players will find an attraction that goes beyond the merely physical to the sublime plane of sportsmanship. Here we see the salient features of these action games.

Players in Doom have the character of marine sent up to Mars to help them fight against demons. Doom is a pioneer in its field that has with its stunning graphics and multiplayer connectivity converted millions of gamers to console gaming.

This horror science fiction based full action first person shooter video game has an absorbing beginning when the enemy force kills the entire team that the player goes with to Mars. The player must now face the demons alone. Only this way, he can prevent them from attacking earth.

Here we see three levels of play with Phobos being the first. Then he (or she) has to fight through the Deimos and finally through Hell. Player has to find the exit in each room marked exit or having some special sign on it.
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Killer Shark
Killer shark is a single player arcade game developed by renowned Sega group. This shooter game involves battling the shark with a gun and killing it. This will set off another shark at you and are on for a whale of a time.

Killer Shark is Sega’s first foray into video game segment back in the year 1972. Forty years on, it still holds a morbid attraction for those who like underwater action and gruesome beasts. Animation is simple but effective and players use a harpoon gun to nail the shark.

In this timed game, the player is a diver or shark hunter. His mission is to kill as many sharks as he can within the time given. When the blockbuster movie “Jaws” released in 1974, this game become an instant hit. People just could not stop killing the shark often enough.

This is another game developed by id Software. It is relatively new and had release only in 1996. Following up the success of Doom, Quake came up with QuakeSpy software and updates so that players could now go online and play in multiplayer mode without any hassles. These multiplayer mods had names like Capture the Flag and Team Fortress.

The single player mode consists of four separate episodes. Each has eight levels. The player has to fight against monsters and explore dark passages, find the right buttons to press and locate the exit. Once he does this, the next level will open out for him or her.
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Game with unique requirements

Games need to provide the entertainment for those who seek it. It makes them happy and keeps those empty hours filled with something constructive – such as fighting adversaries who are invading the earth. With the introduction of console gaming, the entire scene has transformed to one that creates high degree of interaction between players and the game. Quake, Killer Shark and Doom are the finest first person shooter games available today. Dig in and enjoy yourself.