Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Increase Your Stamina: Laugh Your Way to Good Health

Laugh and your health will improve

Early in the morning, people go for a walk. This opens the mind and creates a balance between metabolic activities and physical condition of the body. Laughing and even merely smiling will increase your metabolic rate without stressing your body out. Naturally the physical condition dictates the rate of metabolism and thereby the health of that person.

Best way for increasing stamina
These steps help you increase stamina without too much effort.
  • ·     Decrease simple carbohydrates in your meal: Our blood assimilates simple carbohydrates like those present in sugar very fast. This spikes blood sugar levels and the person experiences a “happy” feeling. However, within a short time these levels crash and bring the mood down suddenly. This will make the person depressed.
  • ·      Increase the fiber content: Fiber rich foods such as yam will improve your metabolic rate. It improves digestion and vitalizes your alimentary canal. This helps prevent plenty of diseases.
  • ·      Increase food that contains vitamins: Include vegetables and fruits, fish and nuts in your diet. This will help to increase the nutritive value of food that you eat.  
  • ·      Incorporate exercises in your daily schedule: Exercising is vital. Simple jogging or even walking will put you on the side of good health without any effort. The best thing would be to follow a two-step plan.
    • o   Small exercises like jogging or stretching à 10 – 20 minutes
    • o   Brisk exercises like stair running or sprinting à 10 – 20 minutes
  • ·      Get plenty of sleep: Sleep is essential for your metabolic activity. People who are sleep deprived suffer from plenty of health related problems like nervousness and irritation and inability to concentrate on jobs in hand.
  • ·      Drink plenty of water: If you drink enough water, your body will process the food fast. The circulatory system will help to keep your body cool.

Laugh and be healthy
So, laugh and make merry. What I mean is, you have nothing to worry about. If you allocate the time for exercising and you eat good food, then you are going to be fit and healthy all through your life. 

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