Thursday, 12 June 2014

Keeping time with development: Time basis for all activity

Time is of essence for everyone. It does not matter whether one is a fisherman in Tokyo or a bookseller in America, if one has more time, one makes more money. I ran into Sammy a friend who is making a career out of helping students pursue higher studies. He was as usual out of time. The first thing he said was "Hello Chum, how are you? I am late for my counseling session today".

Nothing untoward in that, he counsels his students everyday. The point was that he was feeling the seconds slipping away from him and that thought slipped into the conversation first. He could have said, "Good morning, how are you? Is your wife still teaching at the nursery school?" -- just telling this as an example. 

Now that the Internet has brought everything to our doorstep, we have gained plenty of time. Shopping, teaching, recruiting and sending applications -- activities that used to eat up our time has now reduced to being a simple push the button activity. Does that mean that we are now more efficient than before? 

People have forgotten the old days, when you had to plan a trip to the mall to buy pair of shoes. But they have the same thought process, they think -- go to store, select shoe, pay the bill, come home. Indeed, most online shops use this basic pattern to design their online stores. Nothing to it. Does it save time? Come to think of it, yes it does save time. 

Management of resources helps us organize our activity. Most important thing about time management is saving time. To save time, does one dive into the murky waters of Routine activities and pull time out to the shores of adequacy? Not exactly, but the thought is there. 

While you may not have met a fisherman in Tokyo, you share the same feelings with him. You value time and so does he. Does is matter whether you buy his fish or not? Absolutely not. 

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