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Getting instant fixes when you cannot do a full exercise routine

Having a starting problem for exercising

Sometimes there is no getting out of bed. Our body and muscles are so relaxed that we just cannot make it across the room. The last thing one wants to hear is the word exercise.  Instant fixes work like magic. It tightens up the slack muscles and recreates the harmony in our body that speeds up everything we do. Suddenly, we have plenty of time on our hands and loads of energy.
Exercise in simple manner
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Getting Instant Fixes

When you cannot push yourself to do those backbreaking exercises, you simply resort to instant fixes. These are highly efficient and consume lesser time. Taking a break will not make your muscle become slack, your mind will also lose motivation and soon you will be thinking up reasons to avoid exercising altogether. Get started with these short term exercises.

1)   Squats
2)   Stair running
3)   Pushups in inclined plane
4)   Kick jumps


These squats are very effective for keeping your metabolism in tune. Method: Keep your arms outstretched in front of you and sit down slowly all the way, until you are sitting on your haunches. Rise up slowly and quickly sit down again. Do this without fail 3 – 6 times. Take a small break and repeat it. Do the cycle thrice everyday or once whenever you feel listless.

Stair running

One can do stair running in any building having stairs. Athletes usually choose a stadium that has big steps since this will help them take simple and easy strides. You can run up and down the stair without causing any disturbance. You must not over stress since this might lead to muscle cramps, especially when you are working out without any warm up. This will increase the tone of your abs overnight. The muscles of the hips and legs also become strong.

Pushups in inclined plane

Maintain your body in fit condition
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Very gentle yet effective, these pushups are ideal for creating a good wakeup call for your sleepy self. Pushup using the arms of a chair or using any furniture that has a hip level high piece that you can use to support yourself. Lean on this wood and then slowly let yourself down until your chest is pressing on the furniture. Now push up back again until your arms lock straight in position. Repeat this 10-15 times in each cycle. Do ten cycles in the morning and one or two when you are refreshing yourself for an instant fix.

Kick Jumps

Most effective means of increasing muscle tone, kick jumps are easy to do too. You jump up and draw your knees up into your chest. By this time your feet will have left ground and reached its highest position. Straighten out your legs and come down to earth, landing on the toes of your feet. Go into the next jump without pausing. After some time, you will begin to feel your legs become heavy. Then you can stop.
Best form of exercise is weight training
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Eat well and do your exercises

Remember, only if your body has enough strength or energy, you will be able to complete your exercises. Even instant fixes need energy and if you eat food having enough vitamin and minerals you will be fit. Colored vegetables like beet, carrot, broccoli and red cabbage have plenty of vitamins and minerals. Fruits and nut provide the extra fiber and antioxidants that help fight diseases like cancer. Use these instant fixes whenever you feel your body is going into sleepy mode.

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