Saturday, 17 May 2014

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Film Review

Spider-Man relishes his role as the super hero saving New York from the savage clutches of villain, in this case Electro. Peter Parker has typified his onscreen presence, with his inner dilemmas and self-contradictions. His portrayal of a hero unsure of his step has induced pity in the hearts of many filmgoers. However, his battle with his archenemy in the Oscorp industry Harry Osborn has begun afresh.
Spider-Man battles crime on rooftops

The cast contains Gwen, girlfriend of Spider-Man Max Dillon, employee of Oscorp Industry who becomes Electro the living electric dynamo (whom Spider-Man subdues and kills in the end), Captain George Stacy, father of Spider-Man and Norman father to Harry Osborne.

The off-and-on romance between Spider-Man and Gwen is interspersed with fight between Spider-Man and Osborne. Harry Osborn has a genetic disease that a transfusion of blood from Spider-Man can cure. All this simmers and boils and overflows or explodes at the climax of the film.

Cast:          Andrew Garfield        Peter Parker/Spider-Man
         Emma Stone              Gwen Stacy
         Jamie Foxx                Max Dillon/ Electro
         Sally Field                 Aunt May                           
                  Campbell Scott          Richard Parker
                  Dane DeHaan            Harry Osborn/ Green Goblin
                  Chris Cooper              Norman Osborn

Screen story:    Roberto Orci, James Vanderbilt, Alex Kurtzman, Jeff Pinkner
Directed by: Marc Webb

Release dates are:     10 April UK
                                    16 Apr Russia
                                    23 Apr Switzerland, Italy
                                    1 May UAE, Hong Kong

(Pic credits: डांसिंग स्पाईडरमान   Dancing Spiderman
Screensaver spiderman