Saturday, 17 May 2014

After Facebook, is it going to be Snapchat?

ये  बढ़ती  दुनिया चोठी हो गयी।
Latest arrival in the Internet media scene, Snapchat looks set to overtake Facebook in terms of media traffic. One uses this application for photo messaging. Users can take pictures or videos lasting 10 seconds and send them to their circle of friends and colleagues. 
मेंरा    तस्वीर खींचो 

They can add text to these pictures or videos and then see whether recipients have downloaded or snapshotted these messages. Incidentally, snaps is the name given to pictures that Snapshot users send. Best part is that messages disappear after a while from the inbox of a user. Adding this text messaging service is sure to give a boost to usage of this app.

Pic credits: Openclips, Geralt Public Domain Pictures of Pixabay)

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