Friday, 16 May 2014

Revolutionary Products that have Changed the Pace of Progress

Place the Order for your Flying Car

The flying car or the plane that one can drive on the roads and park in the garage is ready. The company Terrafugia has plans to mass-produce the new future car shortly. The car named Transition presently will set you back by $270, 000 and could be ready by 2015.

Testing for the TF-X

The future car named the TF-X will be ready by 2020s. The Google self-driving car has opened the doors to future already by test-driving its driverless cars in the road network of Nevada. It went around the Lake Tahoe, after navigating Pacific Coast Highway and crossing the Golden Gate Bridge.

Revolutionary Design of Future car 

One could conceive of the TF-X as a cross between a helicopter, a Google self-driving car and an airplane. The body of the vehicle is made of modernistic carbon fiber and the car takes off in a vertical fashion from your front lawn. Once it has reached the desired height, the fins drop off and jet engines powered by gas, propels the car forward through the skies. The rotor blade folds up just as the wings of the TF-X do when not needed.

Working and controls  

The computer controls the entire working and handles all activities including the landing and flying. You always have a parachute as a backup, just in case, you run into any problems. The range of the machine is 500 miles. The idea is to make everything on board the flying car fully automatic. Once you are in the air, you will not have to move finger. It means you can read the morning papers on the way to the office.

Availability of the car 

The company claims that any average driver should be able to operate this flying machine with just 5 hours of training. The cost of the TF-X is still unknown, but it is possible to put a ballpark figure to the final estimate. It claims that the car would cost a little more than that of the high-end luxury cars available today.
The company spokesperson however clarified that the idea of a flying car is wrong.

Reality of the situation 

In reality, we have a plane driven like a car. Making this vehicle affordable and more practical has been the intention of the Terrafugia Company. Now that reality is coming true too. However, there are a number of restrictions in the way, like being able to land and take off from an airport. Therefore, the car will not be flying over city traffic as one visualizes. The change in modes of commuting to and from work will of course see dramatic changes.

The idea is yet in the horizons of the dream world and people are not waking up to the concept of a flying car. The arrival of the Transition should be the first step to waking up from the dream, or so people think. The TF-X is only the big brighter of the Transition after all. The company had first announced the concept car Transition to be ready by 2010. Terrafugia certainly is hitting the road and soon the roads will be empty thanks to this car.