Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Is Too Much Thinking Good For Your Mental Health

Getting a perspective on thinking
Thinking is sixth sense of human race. It helps us make decisions and augment our lifestyle. If we plan our actions, we are able to execute our work much faster and in a smoother manner. We become more efficient and therefore more useful.

Too much thinking puts too much stress on person
Thinking is related to stress. This hormone-based reaction goes “on” when we begin thinking. Our body recognises stress situations, usually when we begin to think too much and releases cortisol, norepinephrine and adrenaline to help our body cope with the crisis. These give us the ability to deal with immediate threats like tripping up and rolling down a hill. However, excess thinking can trigger release of these hormones too.

Take corrective action to stop too much thinking
a)   Break problems into smaller bits: If you have a lot of laundry, break up the task into three bits. First part is washing, second is drying and thirdly ironing. Any problem can be broken into smaller portions and this will help you think clearly.
b)   Do not use quality time for thinking: Spend time talking with family or with your friends everyday. Do not spend this time thinking about your problem, it will only become worse. What is more, you will end up worrying your family members too.
c)   Discuss your problem with people you know: On the other hand, there is great wisdom in seeking counsel of older and wiser people. They will help you put a cap on your problems by their unique perspective.
d)   Check for solutions online: Your problem may be unique. There may be people who have gone through your situation. You will reduce time expended on the problem if you check existing solutions first