Wednesday, 8 October 2014

European Health Insurance Card

Method of applying for European Health Insurance Card
European Health Insurance Card is state healthcare sponsored by United Kingdom. It costs less and is also free in many places within UK, European Economic Area (EEA), Norway, Lichtenstein, Iceland and Switzerland. Salient features of this card are as mentioned below.
·      It is free. You might have to pay for some services that you want to use.
·      You have to provide basic information like name, address, date of birth, NHS or National Insurance number (for England and Wales), Health and Care Number (Northern Ireland) and CHI number (Scotland).
·      People who are not from UK, Switzerland or EEA should send your application by post along with a proof of residency. You can get the EHIC card from your healthcare service provider too.
·      It covers routine maternity care costs and medical treatment costs for pre-existing conditions. However, it becomes invalid if you travel to another country with the specific intent of giving birth there.
·      It gives you access to medically essential healthcare during your temporary stay abroad.

Restrictions on usage of card
·      You may not use this card for covering expenses if the purpose of your travel is to obtain medical treatment.
·      You cannot use the European Health Insurance Card as a substitute for your travel insurance. It will not cover expenses such as lost or stolen property costs, going back home return flight cost or private healthcare costs.

  • This card does not give you assurance of free service in another country. Charges for medical services change from country to country. One service may be offered free in one country while in another it may cost you money to avail of that service.