Saturday, 11 October 2014

Breaking Out Of The Monotony – Stop Kicking the Cat

Success is the locus of the derivative of change that we…hold on a second, I don’t want to break out my tone… mono tone… that thing at the end, so much! Just maybe a slight skip in the step, a slight smile at the cat…wait a minute! Ah, alright let us get on. It is getting monotonous.

Monotony and life

Life is a success. Have you thought about it? It repeats its inevitable cycle without fail everyday. How does it do it? How do you tackle such a situation? For me and my house, we just ignore it. Pray don’t tell anyone about it, we would lose face in the community.

Life is more than mere repetitions. Standing in the checkout line at the grocers, somebody stamped my foot. I could not be sure who it was because at that moment we were all moving around. Moving around pretty fast because someone spotted a rat…and would not keep quiet about it. It was no repetition though I suspect it could have been. Really, that rat should be more careful!

Stop the monotony

Anyway, the Committee For Better Business By Excluding Rats met early this morning. They want to break the monotony of chasing rats mostly at business points not in the house. When there are no customers, it is another thing. The Business Men and the Rat sit around and chat to pass the time. But customers some how do not want to share their business with the Business Man and a Rat! So, there again begins the inevitable chase and run around the mulberry bush. It gets monotonous. Life really should change soon.

Various alternative methods

The Committee decided to incorporate some remedial measures and look forward to those who can come up with some more bright ideas.
a)   Set the clock ahead or backward: Remember you have change the time on all the clocks in the house, including the one on your grandmother’s wrist. What? It does not run? Okay, all the other ones then. It is a part of life going around checking wristwatches.
b)   Subscribe to newspaper in another language: Keep the newspaper around the house, in the hall, in the living room and you might get some sarcastic remarks from members of the family (or friends, if they are staying over). Try to take it into the kitchen, though I suspect you will be ejected by the Kitchen Guardian (Mom) before you can step in the direction of the kitchen. It helps to break the monotony.
c)   Keep the neighbours cat locked up in your house: This is a splendid idea. Then invite the neighbour over for tea. However, make sure it is their cat you are “catnapping”. No point sitting around with a strange cat drinking beer or tea. Waste of time actually. House rules might change any moment. Mornings are lovely. 
d)   Hide the kitchen curtains: This one will get the Guardian where it hurts. Somehow, they develop a sentimental attachment to the kitchen curtains. When it is gone, watch the fireworks fly. 

Success in different wrappers

Sunday is always a little different; there is a slight hesitation when you wake up in the morning. Though the milk has come, no one wants to go get it. It is SUNDAY! (…in this house and in every other house, unless someone has changed, to break out of the monotony). It is another morning already. 

To adopt a slight variation of this theme by Pefonini, you must pretend everyday is Sunday. What? This is your favourite music? I was wondering why I feel so comfortable around you! And of course, you can try stop kicking the cat, the cat might enjoy the change. It also has a life to lead.

Disclaimer: Author wishes to disassociate himself from anyone who is moved to kicking his or her cat. Furthermore, this applies to persons who run behind their dogs (on the beach early in the morning). Kicking must only be done within a football field, or if you are too mad at your boss. You have to get on with life remember?