Monday, 13 October 2014

Breaking out of the Monotony – Don’t Sleep in your School (Clothes)

Don't play in the water
Go for a swim but keep out of the deep waters. Fish like water but do they sleep? Researchers decided to find out how fish sleep. Divers with scuba suits and fins led the research and after the first two were eaten by angry sharks who did not like to be awoken from their sleep, other scuba divers decided to colour their suits to a grey colour like tiger sharks and drew huge grinning teeth on them. Apparently, sharks grin when they are going to bite.

Rescued by the monitor
Researchers also took along some powder with the idea of sprinkling them if they were attacked. They want to know if the fish sleep and the fish were determined to keep the researchers guessing. They did not shut their eyes. The foxed researchers fell asleep and almost drowned. The standby hospital team who was monitoring the health of the fishes eventually rescued them. They also recorded that two of the sharks had grown in size after swallowing the two research members.

Sing sing a song
The research team changed tactics. They began to sing. Not so loud as to awaken the medics who were sleeping after measuring the fish but loud enough to cause ripples on the water surface. The fish were not buying it. One or two of the smaller ones sank to the bottom and remained motionless but they were not shutting their eyes. Confound it! Surely, they could do something. And they did it. They sang a different songIt was a bit like mixing your vegetables with your flowers in the kitchen garden.

Clothes and disguise
The fish dropped their tail and sank to the bottom of the tank. And gazed steadily at the research team. One research team member resigned – he is not
able to sleep. So, they tried to change clothes. There was a huge stake in this for the research team. If they pulled it off, scientists around the world would hail them as those intrepid explorers who caught the fish napping!

School over for now
A new head of research was appointed. He took one look at the team and their work. He gave them commendations and kudos along with a new place in a far
away country where there were not many fishes. Of course, fish have no eyelids. The team, the team is now researching why dogs wag their tail whereas cats do not.  You could say their school was goggle eyed by their work. They are tying now to find the glitter in the litter.

NB: Intrepid scientists and curious members of society who have leanings towards discovering strange and new things are invited to join in the research team. You have to give examples of your previous experiences in observing things like staring cats, dancing mouse (or at least writhing about the desk near the computer), catching elephants or listening to ants talking. What bees buzzing? Of course, bees always buzz…what off? Hello?

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