Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Breaking into a song and dance

Natural propensity of men (and women) is to feel happy, when they have accomplished something. Dogs have that crazy fulfilled look after splashing around in a pool of muddy water. Cats do not like water, neither do I these days -- too cold.

Mornings bring its share of miseries, agonising over things that need to be done and spending even more agonising hours trying to avoid them. However, they eventually get done. Mother is a great motive force, keeps me turning and churning till I have achieved the flow.

Why do mornings do this? Actually, if you look at the Bible, you will see how in the beginning God
 made man and then there is another verse that says Word was with God, the Word became God. This is a Christian belief and not mere propaganda.

Propaganda is actually one aspect of marketing industry that seek to establish a share, a niche for some particular commodity or brand. This is essential for those who depend on business and selling for their livelihood.

Propaganda must not be confused with common sense. Common sense tells you when to cross the road. Propaganda does not do this, in fact it might give you wrong indications when you seek its guidance to cross the road. More fool you!

Rains are an everyday event now, washing clothes is a continuous struggle between washing and drying and getting the clothes before they are soaked up by the rain. But then you feel happy. It is an accomplishment.

People are looking for the eclipse too. It is slated for September 23 on Channel Open Blue Sky. Seems the moon will turn red -- how this happens is what brings so many people out in the cold winter night to look up at the sky.

Aliens like this particular time when humans look up at the sky. The mind is blank and eyes wide open. I think they are searching for something that makes human race different. They hover in invisible mode above the dark skies and watch the earth.

Pic courtesy: Pixabay Public Domain Photos

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