Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Winter is here... Again

Water feels cold, breeze is growing colder too,
All birds from this land to warmer climes flew,
Time to turn this ship southwards tell the crew,
I look forward to my mother's stew.

And thus clouds climb up high on to my skies,
Water within my bones to remain tries.
Suddenly we hear a host of lies,
"Never like this cold", the baby cries.

Daily we tromp towards horizons afar,
Shrinking it seems with cold that scar,
Roads however seem to lack the tar,
And lawyers keep busy at the bar.

Doom seems to be the order of the day,
For without sunshine there will be no hay,
Tea grows colder when left on the tray,
Damping oxen's moo and donkey's bray.

Stitched along the sides of the stream the water posies,
Along with primroses, peonies and daisies,
Wave forlornly to some crazies,
Lolling alongside those layabouts and lazies.

Winter is here indeed the numbers grow,
The crowds huddling together around firesides know,
To work with fingers that are numb just show,
Circle of freedom turns more often to prow.

To warmer shores where there bluebird still sings,
On their cheerful branches brings,
Worms and insects and all sorts of little things,
Forgotten is the cold and winter's stings.