Monday, 14 July 2014

Review of football season Brazil World Cup Football 2014

It is monsoon season (deer season comes after rabbit season)

Now that the monsoon season – varsha has begun, there is water everywhere – except in the taps. Now, magic men and great gnanis are working out how to get the water inside the taps.  Tinkle bum – (did I get it right?) or maybe it is Winkle Dumb – you
Club war (Pixabay Public Domain Photos)
know that warrior fight where they go at each other with clubs and yell trying to knock the opponent to the ground – is over and Hat-trick Grafter was declared top dog (or was it Poacher Head-yer-rear?). By some invisible magic the opponent knocked the winner to the ground and the winner lay crying under the open skies. Usually monsoon begins when Wrinkled Bum finishes.

Sports results

Here are the results for this year’s sports roundup till date.
I)                  Chennai Opens
a)     Singles: Wawrinka S. beat Roger-Vasselin E. 7 –5 6 – 2
b)    Doubles: Brunstrom J. with Neilsen F. beat Dragania M. with Pavic M. 6—2 4—6 10—7
II)              World Cup Brazil 2014
a.      Winners: Germany
b.     Runners up: Argentina
c.      Third place: Netherlands
Football World Cup Brazil (Pixabay Public Domain Photos)
Chennai Opens one of the summer thrills is now called Tata Opens after it became Gold flake Opens. It was thrilling with new faces popping up to win the cup. Just like the Football World Cup held in Brazil. Brazil is fanatic about football – it is their national game and all events in their country revolve around this game. 

It was sensational when Brazil began their World Cup campaign on a winning note and became even more sensational when they lost their star player Neymar after just three rounds (or was it four?). Affairs reached a crescendo when it began raining goals against Brazil in the semifinals. Germany did not want to stop pumping in goals at 7 – 0 …unfortunately they ran out of time. Brazil managed to score 1 solitary goal and then left took up the chalice (or is it gauntlet?) and began to drink in some more goals in the loser’s final against Netherlands. The game stopped after Netherlands put in 3 goals. 

Football season is over (Pixabay Public Domain Photos)

Until the next season (keep your eyes peeled for bear season)

Well this year’s football season has ended well and truly for everyone including Brazil. Everyone places much importance on food and health. Improving environment and activity levels will result in a better lifestyle. Life  must go on and we are definite to have some more Neymars popping out of the wood work any time now. Until next World Cup football tournament then. Hinkly Pong!