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Common Internet Sites for Managing Your Leisure Time Activities and Games

Importance of governing time

The best way to manage your time is to proportion it into routine time (time you spend for bathing, eating, sleeping and shopping) and leisure time (time when you don’t do any routine activity. Keep up your priorities for spending free time such as avoid sweets or exercise every day.
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Different kinds of Internet sites available

a)     Social networking site
1)     Social blogs
2)     Support institutions and charity organizations
Here is a list of social blogs that are popular today.
·        Yelp, Inc
·        Twitter
·        Tumblr
·        Pinterst
·        Myspace
·        LinkedIn
·        Instagram
·        Google+
·        Flickr
·        Facebook
·        Delicious
·        Bebo
·        Friendster
·        Hi5
·        Flixster
·        myHeritage

b)    Schools and Institutions
a.      Government sites
b.     Government employees networking sites and forums
c.      Tutoring sites
d.     Learning sites and libraries: School time is the best time to study.
e.      Institution sites
f.       School children networking sit
c)     Games
a.      Games for fun: These are games you play without any commitment. You can play as guest and there are no fees or charge involved for playing these games.
b.     Games involving money: Usually these are gambling games like cards and betting on outcomes of tournaments.

                                                                          i.      Online games: These are games you can play online. These may be free or you have to purchase it. Console games are now becoming popular.
                                                                        ii.      Outdoor games: Outdoor games involve physical activity. Usually one must also have the equipment for playing such as bat and ball.
                                                                      iii.      Indoor games: These are much quieter and does not involve physical activity except for games like shuttlecock badminton, table tennis and billiards.
                                                                      iv.      Party games: These are fun games that you can play at any party. You might have to prepare some cards or objects to find in these kinds of games. Pinning the donkey’s tail, popping the balloon and bingo are popular party games
d)    Hobbies
a.      Collecting articles and memorabilia: Of the many exciting things to do when you are free collecting articles proves enticing and exhilarating.
b.     Watching movies and shows
c.      Arts
                                                                          i.      Painting
                                                                        ii.      Music
e)     Leisure activities
                    a.      Outdoor activities
                                                         i.      Travel and tourism: Family vacations are fun when you plan it   properly. There are many international destinations like:
1.      Sibenik
3.      Turkey
4.      Thailand
5.      Portugal

You have another choice of Indian destinations too.

a)     Jaipur
b)    Coorg
c)     Kerala backwaters
d)    Conoor
e)     Shimla

                                                                        ii.      Photography: If you have a camera (or even if you do not have one – you can buy one) photography is a lovely way to discover the outdoors. There are plenty of things you can photograph – still life and landscapes, nature and scenery, action like sports and games, parties and get together and portraits. Use a modern digital camera that lets you upload pictures straightaway without any fuss to your Internet sites. Many sites encourage photography enthusiasts like Pixabay, Public­, Picdrome, Digital Photography School and PhotoShelter.  
                                                            iii.      Games: to spend your free time you should spend time in outdoor games like football, cricket, hockey and basketball. It will improve your health by strengthening your muscles and thereby revitalizing your metabolism.  
                                                                      iv.      Gardening: Best suited for people who like to work out every day, gardens lend a touch of splendor to the house. It keeps your health ticking and you get vegetables or flowers if you so desire.
Best kitchen garden vegetables are cucumber, kale, tomatoes, onions, herbs and spices. Flowers such as zinnia, peony, petunias, rose and jasmine are favorites with every gardener.
Learn to prepare the soil and maintain your garden. Take proper precaution against pests.
                                                                        v.      Charity work: For people who want to help their brothers and sisters in society achieve better things in life, the best way to spend leisure is to involve with charity work.

                           b.     Indoor activities
                                                       i.      Games: Indoor games like chess, carom board, Chinese checkers, backgammon and cards help you pass your leisure time in a peaceful and enjoyable manner.
                                                         ii.      Handicrafts:  Making handicraft items is one of the best leisure time activities. Basket weaving, bag and cushion making, making toys and decorative items, creating paper weights and other objects of art are examples of handicrafts.  
                                                   iii.      Internet networking: Internet social networking site is one of the best internet sites for having fun. You can interact with people you know and with people you befriend online. This is one way to learn about new things, new places and new things. It will broaden your horizons and bring a new meaning to your life.
                    iv. Fish tanks: Growing fish is a popular leisure time activity. Main fish grown in outdoor field tanks on a commercial scale include  shrimps, rotifers, sea bream and bass. Domestic aquarium fish species include  angel fish, clown fish and bi-color Benny among sea water varieties and  barbs, gold fish, guppies and mollies among fresh water types. 

f)      Commercial activities sites
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a.      Shopping sites: If you are a shopping freak spend your leisure time having real fun at the many online shopping sites. Internet has expanded, nay exploded and one must only go online to spend an hour or ten in the various online shopping malls.   
b.     Gaming for money: When you want to have fun and want to spend some money playing games, you can visit one of the many gaming sites where you have a chance to win money.
c.      Writing for money: If you have time and have a penchant for writing the one leisure activity you could indulge in is article writing.

Great things happen to people with a focus on future events

Delegation is best time management technique. If you use this for managing your time efficiently you will never have any headaches whatsoever. Time management is most effective when you have your schedules written down. To understand the importance of time management one must know what leisure time is. Remember always best way to spend free time is with your friends and family. 

Leisure time activities these days revolve around the internet and smartphones. Everyone plays games and common internet sites exist for different levels of interactive play. Managing your leisure thus becomes a child's play. Hope you too are enjoying your leisure time.

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