Friday, 18 July 2014

Perk up Your Mornings: Exercise and Good Food

Good food and exercise is necessary for keeping your health in prime condition. Often, people tend to take a break leading to disruptions in the development of a healthy body. People who persist are in top condition and sing their way through in the morning.

Essential requirements

For healthy metabolic activity, one must eat at least 2534 calories every day. Barbecue rum ribs, apple mincemeat pie or apple gingerbread cobbler are all good hearty meal items.
                            a) Barbecue rum ribs: This is a traditional ribs barbecue with special dressing that make the ribs extraordinary.  In addition to the ribs you need:
          1. Crushed garlic
          2. Brown sugar
          3.  Soy sauce, chili sauce and ketchup
          4. Pepper and Worcestershire sauce
          5. Dark rum 
          6. Dry mustard

Start the barbecue and prepare the marinade. Baste the ribs with the marinade over slow heat.
                               b) Gingerbread apple cobbler: This is a lovely dessert that you can prepare within an hour. You will require:
          1. Sugar
          2. Egg, buttermilk, molasses, oil
          3.  Apples
          4. Brown sugar
          5. Cornstarch
          6. baking soda, baking powder
          7. Ginger
          8. Flour and egg
First cook the apples. Beat together egg, milk, sugar, oil and molasses. Rest of the ingredients you combine and sift into this milk--egg mixture. Stir slightly and pour over apple. Bake it until done. Top it with nuts.

Exercise in the morning

Exercises form a vital part of the health of a person. It improves rate of metabolism aids digestion and helps to burn up calories. Getting rid of calories in this manner helps your body deal with excess exercise is jogging as this does not strain your body too much. If you are too old or weak to jog, then you must walk. Half an hour each day is enough to keep you brimming with health and vigor. Most of all maintain your sense of humor. It makes everything worthwhile.
Walking in the sunshine
  (Pixabay Public Domain Photos)