Saturday, 17 May 2014

Online Strategy Game: When Penguins Attack TD Strategy Game Free Online

The idea of this When Penguins Attack TD game is simple. You will have a path finding AI your aim is to guard against the attack of warmongering evil penguins. Human race is in peril so; you open battlefields and upgrade towers to strengthen the defense.
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pic courtesy: Pixabay Public Domain Photos

The player purchases, upgrades or places towers using the mouse control. You also get medals for winning the battle, beating the boss and for total extinction. The towers are of three levels and they can be used to set fire to the enemies. Then the enemies will begin to move fast and this could be dangerous.

When Penguins Attack online free strategy game is exciting and tests your planning skills. You have to spend the money you have at the correct time and save the human race. You should spend more time on building elaborate and complex defenses because this will slow the enemy down.