Saturday, 17 May 2014

Gemcraft Free Online Strategy Game For All

Gemcraft is an ingenious free online game where you unlock towers by using gems. This is one of the top strategy games for children. You are a wizard who uses his spells to create special gems that can overthrow the dragon. This is a strategy game and is offered free online. The options given include selecting or discarding gems and making gem bombs.

You can obtain glowing-frame score by creating more towers (greater than 10), making gem chains and throwing bombs. This will give you amulets and increases your chances of getting the desired score. There are many ways to increase your score.

When you want to surpass some level, use these tricks to get past.

Play previous levels
Redistribute the skill points you obtained

Do not try hidden levels even if you have unlocked them. Wait till you have the Pure-gem Mastery Skill. You will get tips to create gem chains on the site. Always keep one or two gems high grade. Try this free online game, which involves strategy.

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