Friday, 16 May 2014

Of the Pleasures of Chatting and of Chat Rooms

The world has developed a new perspective with the introduction of chatting, instant messaging and emails. The concept of texting on the web has removed one personal aspect that telephoning involved. ChatRandom, #1 Chat Avenue, Chat-Room, Planet live chat, icq are among the best 5 websites for chatting. We can express ourselves without talking; something like saying, we can walk in the rain without getting wet. People have recognized chatting universally. One can accept this box of goodies or reject them. However, they remain a friend to all.

Name of the Chat Site
Segregation of the Chat Room
Age wise, country wise, Family, lifestyles, languages, regional

#1 Chat Avenue
Adult, college, teens, kids, girls, boys, general, sports

Chat Random
Adult women on camera site


Mostly women oriented, teen chat, singles and dating chat

Planet live
Lounge, hangout, 40+ room, Teen room, karaoke room

Concept of Chat rooms

The surfer of yesteryears had no means of verifying his identity online. If he surfed the
internet, he did so to gather news and information or pass on information. It was quicker than the telephone but there was no magic. People sent their email and received a reply and that was it.

Chatting today involves direct 'conversation' between two or more persons. One may also see the other person's face when one is chatting. Group chatting involves people of one community or of one common interest 'talking' to each other.

Different classifications of chat rooms

All these sites differ in some small aspect. Some of the sites cater only to adults. This means you need to be 18 years or older to access these sites. However, many of the sites have chat rooms for practically everyone. There are rooms for girls, boys, adults, game chat rooms and singles chat rooms.

Pleasures of chatting

Gossiping has been and will always are one of the most intricate arts of relaxation that grew in our society. If merely talking relieves us of the tensions we have, then imagine being able to call up a truckload of friends to haggle over the price of fruits in the local market.

People who like to indulge in sexual interactions would love the sex chat rooms and adult rooms. Here you can interact with both the girls online as well as the other clients.

Dangers of overindulgence

Some websites will charge you money for talking to other people. A few will ask you to take out a membership though they will initially say every service on the site is free. If they ask for payments, be sure to use a temporary card to make the payment. This way they cannot access your bank accounts.

When one gets too much involved in chatting, as in gossiping, it leads to distractions. Our work will suffer and one finds that one does not have time for one's regular duties. One sometimes asks for advice from total strangers regarding happenings inside the family, and that is really too much.

Chatting is pleasurable if one limits the conversations. Keep the list of contacts to your immediate friends alone and you will find the experience purely enjoyable. People like some distraction always. It is the way we have evolved, towards to the interminable companionship of our fellow human beings and the pleasures thereof.