Friday, 16 May 2014

Oceans the Blessing

Are Our Oceans Dying Too Fast Or Do We Have A Chance Yet To Save It?

We are blessed to have been born on Earth, the planet with copious water. It is overflowing and we are flourishing or are we? What would you feel like if we did not have, all the lovely water, any more? According to reports published by the special correspondent for CNN International, the time for exploring options
Ipittman Pixabay

has given way to the time for action.

Threats that oceans face
Very serious environmental changes are afoot; oceans are fighting wars on two or three fronts with some very powerful enemies. Overfishing, pollution, climatic changes influencing the ecological balance, the list is just beginning. You know these issues, but it was frightening to think of the time scale of the happening of these events.

Bleak Future of Ocean bodies
Very soon, we may see something frightening; there may be seas without fish, there may be forests with broken food chains. It means the vanishing of entire species of life altogether. If you think of the newspaper that was here yesterday and now is fast receding into the horizons of the forgotten you will have an idea
of the enormity of the situation. Of course, the newspaper cataclysm happened due to the rapidly expanding Internet field. The reason why the oceans and the life are disappearing is different.

Understanding oceans better
Oceans sustain fishing, shipping, produce 50% of the total oxygen, have abundant underwater wealth in the form of coral reefs and wetlands, and provide the great balance of the temperature by transferring heat from higher regions to the colder ones; that unfortunately, is one of the places where the problems lie. Global surface salinity changes recorded via satellite show that there will be a significant increase in the world of tomorrow, at least 2˚C warmer.

Another perspective of Oceans
An ocean that is thriving is the basis for a booming economy; it gives proteins that are healthy. To quote one of the pioneering researchers in this field, the technology that is dirtying the oceans and the destroying the ecosystem will help us to heal the damage to the oceans. The article "Why Oceans Matter" brought out by Ocean Conservancy is pointer in this direction.

Solutions that are present
A multitude of challenges present themselves and the wonder is that the solution is right around us, if we would stop and look. Aquaculture works towards replenishing the fish stock. Carbon sequestration and renewable energy sources help to restore the balance back to the nature. Managing fisheries in a better way could feed millions of people more and the fish protein is healthier.

Helping the oceans survive
The technology and gadgetry are there. Rippl App by Ocean Conservatory helps you in getting there. You could also get tips from Water Planet Challenge by EarthEcho. You could also get some ideas from the article published in CNN International, "Oceans: Environmental victim or saviour?" It is not too late to act, since waters will rebound fast but we should do the right thing at once. Future belongs to those who are willing to act, act for the common good.