Friday, 11 October 2013

Get the DSLR Camera Advantage for your Filming Project

Importance of using the right equipment
Photographs with “shake” are not worth looking at. Using camera stabilisers, professional photography eliminates camera shake. Modern photographers use DSLR cameras for for better image stabilisation. Using the DSLR camera for motion photography is a good idea too. You will need to mount it on a tripod for stability. Using one with a fluid head will help eliminate any shake when you are moving the camera. If you are shooting from a stationary position then you can choose any type
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of head. Most of the videography gear such as camcorders or digital cameras is compatible with most filters and head.

Moments that one should capture

The choice of the photos will largely depend on the photographer. The ideas for photographing special moments presented by the groom and bride’s family will play an important role. Strategic moments, like when the bride is preparing to walk down the aisle, the moment they are at the altar, the kissing of the bride and the moment the couple prepare to drive off are, of course, significant.

Other than that, the emotional content needs portrayal having a perspective that reflects the glory of the moment. The faces of the proud parents, the bride crying as she leaves her friends and family, the friends of groom teasing him, and the photos of the guests as they partake in various acts during the ritual, are moments that need to be captured, for their places in family albums.

Keeping the photographs looking real

Use a neutral density filter, as this will eliminate unreal and jittery motion when the shutter speed changes. In addition, it will let you use a wider aperture in bright settings. There are many kinds of image stabilisers. Rotation sensors will help you make up for abrupt changes in direction while filming. One could also use linear accelerometers coupled with a feedback system to help with the image stabilisation. Professionals use DSLR cameras because these have the advantages of the digital technology along with the versatility of the single-lens reflex system.

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