Saturday, 19 March 2016

Maturation Modules and Investment: Arriving at the Optimum Trading Plan

Why smile? Indeed, I know that when a person smiles, he or she is happy. And so, when a child smiles, we know it is happy. Society has many such 'reward' modules.
Working is one form of occupation. Another is business. The businessman has less work to do. And the third kind of person is the investor. The investor has the least amount of work to do but he or she does not have guaranteed returns on the investment. They have to wait for their 'rewards' and in the meantime, anything can happen.These you could say are 'maturation' modules. It is very important category of society, especially when dealing with finance and commerce segment.
The investor has the easiest job of all. He can open a trading account online and begin trading within an hour. He can make Rs. 1,00,000 within 25 minutes. Compared to the 2 months that a businessman requires to make the same amount and the 10 years a working class man needs to arrive at the same figure, there is little wonder then that most people are willing to take the risk and go in for trading.
We see here how the investment to growth factor has crossed several barriers, namely class consciousness and reasonableness.
Reasonableness is the amount of money one accrues through working to the amount that one must spend on savings or investment. It is reasonable for a worker to save or invest a couple of hundred rupees every month. A businessman will save or invest a couple of thousand rupees. So, where does the investor draw the line to reasonableness when he or she is making an investment?
Granted that the person is neither a worker nor is he or she a businessperson, the investment clearly does not have any real basis. The consideration comes from the position of stock in the market and amount of time and effort the investor is willing to spend to make an investment. The last thing of course, will be the amount of money that he or she is able to lay their greedy hands on.
This kind of independence makes the person smile, and indeed why not?

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