Friday, 14 August 2015


Smiling puts the cake back where it belongs -- on the table.

Stress is an deterrent to good health. Building up stress comes natural to us. We populate those areas where interaction is unceasing and there is no let up from worries. Even the television telecasts programs that have problems projected right through the day.

As a consequence, the normal man does not think it correct if he does not face some kind of problem. Smile is a stress buster. It removes the unbalanced forces by soothing the nervous system and restoring the balance
pic courtesy: Pixabay Public Domain
in the mind.

There are some who go to the extreme exercise in stress busting -- laughing. They laugh for 10 minutes and then laugh about it for the rest of the day. This may not be necessary, a mere smile will keep your cylinders banging to the right rhythm.

Smile is a great social tool. It helps spread the happiness and cheer to everyone one meets along the way. Smile and you have a great way to a great day.

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