Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Disappearing Beaches and Rising Ocean Waters

India has a long coastline. All of South India and parts of North India has seashores. People love their beaches but where are the beaches going?
Many of its seashores are fast disappearing. Erosion and rising water levels are swallowing up low lying land areas. When you walk on the beaches you see marking sometimes inside the water that says—“The waterline was here!”

There is nothing we can do – or is there? Actually, the beaches have been around for thousands of years. What has not been around is the atmospheric pollution. The rising amounts of greenhouse gases make
it impossible for us to live a healthy life.

The greenhouse gases also make the Earth a hothouse. The temperature rises and the ice shelves begin to melt. So much so, the sea levels begin to rise. And the beaches disappear.

So, do you feel the heat?

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