Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Why Sleep At All? A Review of Sleep

What happens when you sleep?

Sleep is very important to us. It is the time when the body undergoes repair. New ones replace all damaged cells and the body sends out old cells as wastes.

Nutritious food intake

For proper growth to take place within the body, there has to be regular replenishment of vitamins, minerals and essential items like carbohydrates, proteins and fats that help metabolism survive.

Sleep time rate

When you sleep, the body undergoes a change in the rate of metabolic activity. This means the activity slows down and there is no new work for the central nervous system. However, what happens is that digestion takes place. The slow metabolic rate augments digestive process.

If you interrupt the sleep, digestion and synthesis stops and the waste products build up within the body. When there is excess build up, the person develops diseases like congestive heart diseases, stroke and diabetes mellitus. The person becomes irritable, loses concentration on the things he has to do, and will begin to make stupid remarks during his or her speech.

Sleep quantity

A person needs minimum of 7 – 9 hours sleep depending on the amount of work one does per day. For people leading a sedentary life, the amount of sleep would be less. It also depends on the Basal Metabolic Rate. This depends on the build and things like sex, age and weight.

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