Monday, 19 January 2015

Review of body systems: Exercise and Metabolism

Need for Nutritious food

Every person needs minimum of 2000 Calories of energy intake by way of food. Where does it all go? The body uses the energy to keep the body mechanism ticking. It takes care of things like breathing, blood circulation, digestion and growth of new cells. 

Exercise is of two types. In this review, we will examine the passive exercise regime. This consists of simple exercises that anyone can and should do to keep fit. Simple stretches could be supplemented by light walks or jogging. This might seem too much for the couch potato who only needs to sit around and gawk at the TV all day long.

Impacting metabolic activity

The metabolism slows down so much that it stops doing normal work. This leads to a variety of diseases such as apnea that causes further deterioration of the health. Is is possible for that person to get stroke or diabetes because of the improper function of the metabolism.

Exercise helps restore good metabolic activity

Exercise augments regular metabolic function. It increases the rate at which things happen within the body. It thus improves the level of health. Body systems remain healthy and metabolism functions better. Exercise is essential for normal body functioning.