Saturday, 22 November 2014

Review of Jive Pink Butterfly Skateboard Helmet ABS Shell with 11-vents

Get best safety headgear for girls
Here is a review about a skateboard helmet for girls. Jive Pink Butterfly Skateboard Helmet ABS Shell with 11-vents is a top runner in the safety headgear section. Strength, ease of wear, style adaptability and suitability are the determinants considered in this review. Along with obvious strengths and weakness here we also discuss why this has now become a part of the sports equipment for all boys and girls who indulge in skateboarding.

Best helmet for skateboarders
For getting girl skateboarder helmet, the best one available in the market right now, you do not have
to search very far. Just go online and you have a wide range of offerings that would make you drool. However, we have chosen the one that is impressive in both the performance and the looks department.

Necessity for skateboard helmet for girls
The skateboard helmet for girls is a necessity more than a fashion appendage. Jive Pink Butterfly Skateboard Helmet ABS Shell with 11-vents has versatility along with necessary ruggedness. The ABS shell is effective in taking the knocks and keeps your little ones safe while they have their fun on the skateboarding rink or on the sidewalk.

Pluses of this skateboard helmet for girls
This cute girl’s safety helmet comes with chin straps in a variety of colors. One can choose from green, white, yellow and pink. The 11 vents on the ABS shell of the skateboard helmet allow for good flow of air to help you keep cool at all times.
That said this is the best safety headgear for skateboarding for girls in terms of availability, safety and attractiveness. The plastic shell with CPSC Safety Standard Certification has lining of EPS foam. The adjustable chin strap keeps the helmet securely tied while one is skateboarding or riding a bike.

Minuses one sees in this skateboard helmet for girls
One obvious minus point is the size. Helmets that are over sized are not effective in preventing shocks whatever padding you use. The cushions or pads are likely to shake loose during the ride and that will be their undoing. Choose the size very carefully.

Attractive safety helmet for girls and some dos and don’ts
Doing the moves and impressing the boys is fun when you have skateboard headgear for safety. Add
the Ollie, kick turn, kick flip and other neat tricks. But learn slowly and stick to company. Skating in groups may not seem like much fun, but it is the best way to learn. This will help you stay safe always aware of your surroundings. Shin and Knee pads are necessary too. Wearing long sleeved shirt will help you avoid scraping your knees when you fall. Most of all select a good skateboarding site.

Bottom line on the Jive Pink safety helmet for girls
Jive Pink Butterfly Skateboard Helmet for girls is an obvious choice. It is not too pricey and has great looks. It keeps you safe and feedback from customers point to a positive happy feeling. It is light and sits wonderfully on the head. It tops in versatility too. One can use this helmet while riding bikes, playing hockey or skating too.

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