Monday, 18 August 2014

Review of our time—Daily routines

Look MA! no hands
Many of us rush through our day and then wonder where it went! The simple thing is you plan your time and then you have it for your own. If you do not, you will not have it. Review your time, time your routine and then plan.

Keeping up with time
It is a lot like routine driving – with signals and turnings, braking and highways. When one considers everything, one can see how various factors add up to become one entity. First getting your plan set up is top priority.

Break it up
We could think about time as time we spend, time we work and time we relax. However, going one step beyond, we could see that we need to set it up. Review these three essential steps in your daily routine.
a)  Stop to think
b)  Get set
c)   Break off

Every action has need for reflection – if one needs something done well. This is why one has to think what one is doing as well as spend some time to think the whole thing through, to make a review of how to increase utility factor of our routine. Creating the break for thinking helps one to manage the time, review routine and act better.

Next most important thing is to keep things where they belong. If you are going to spend your time searching for things that you need you will never get anything in your routine done. When you begin, you have to review your every essential thing you require first and then you can add luxuries as you go on.

Third vital thing is to break off – simply let go. Ability to let loose helps you relax and unwind especially after exercises. This helps you get a better perspective on routines at hand.

Summarizing time
In effect, when we are driving ‘no hands’
Careful planning helps you plan your time
(Pic courtesy: Pixabay Public Domain Photos)
we are actually enjoying the respite of careful planning. Essentially, when one fails to plan properly, fail to see something positive through, one fails in getting anything done. One suffers temporary insanity

Great people always plan their time – right down to every second. They have no time to waste and yet they seem to have plenty of time. This in essence is true planning of time. Good review of routines and effective planning helps
one achieve plenty within a day.

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