Friday, 4 July 2014

Sprinkle a bit of mischief in your mornings with exercises

Rising up to the lovely sight of morning sun, shining through your window is wonderful. Chuck those bed sheets and do some brisk exercise. If you have 
While stretching do not exert your self
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space, you go for a jog, since this is best exercise of all. If you do not, then you can try one of these following exercises.

Stretching exercise

These are slow rhythm exercise. These do not build muscles but rather stretch them. This is a kind of static stretching since it does not involve any rapid movement.
Always begin with a warm up
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A)  Arms swinging

1)   Raise both your arms away from your body on to same side as if you are holding a pot and then swing your arms slowly to other side.
2)   Rise on one toe while swaying back on the other one.
3)   Swing your arms to original position
4)   Move your body weight to other toe

B)   Hips turning exercise

1)   Begin by placing your hands on your hips
2)   Raise your hands out on either side
3)   Swing your upper torso around so that you are now facing your side
4)   Slowly without hurry turn back to original position and move further to other side
5)   Hold for a short time and then return to other side
Skipping or jogging is best morning exercise
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Mornings are best time for exercising. Make your room airy and spacious. You refresh your mind and your body. Check with your mother or wife, for a refreshing morning meal. Preferably, have something packed with proteins like whey milk shake or eggs. It is mischief time – it is morning time.