Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Keeping up with the times and Commonwealth Games

Every event takes time from our schedule

There is too much happening around us. If it is Commonwealth Games today, tomorrow it is the Nationals.

Events take up our time (Pixabay Public Domain Photos)
Then we have the World Chess championship and suddenly there is no time left. Everything takes up time -- even thinking about the Chess Championships suddenly takes up hours of my time. Moreover, everything requires something I do not have.

Put the stop on shopping

The thing is shopping never stops. If you hit the bazaar, there  is nothing to stop you -- except an empty purse. For this, I devised a technique. Never buy more than one "luxury" item. By luxury I mean those things I could live without, but would be happier with. So, how does one choose? One has to jot down things one would want. This work is time consuming but it has to be done.

Things I would like to have

And ultimately, I made up this list of desirable things.
  • Cool cotton T-shirts
  • Books from the flea market
  • Hiking sandals
  • Pair of sunglasses

Making the decision

Armchair in my living room (Pixabay Public Domain Photos)
T-shirts are indispensable. They are the camel in the desert of summer, one cannot go anywhere without them. Whereas spending a cool two or three hours with a book is something soporific...cannot let go of that idea. You need some place to hike and so I discarded that right away. Now, sunglasses make me look cool. I think I will buy those sunglasses. I kept reconsidering my decisions. It was morning still and things were looking bright.

Use my hiking sandals

I think I will plop for those new hiking sandals. What...oh
And there are places to go (Pixabay Public Domain Photos)
there are hills all around, there are some wild passages by the river and of course there is a wild unexplored country between this town and the next.

Forgive me, I have to go shopping for some new sandals.

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