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Summer Time Cooling Aids: Fruits and Fruit Drinks

Cooling off in Summer

Summer takes its toll on us. Water is lost from the body and one way to make up for this is to drink lots and lots of fluids -- water and fruit juices. Citrus fruits are best because they have Vitamin C and Vitamin A that are necessary for the body. Besides this, fruits also have fiber that helps keep our digestive system in shape.

Best fruits for summer

Watermelon, lime, orange, melon, papaya and banana are highly recommended. You can make them into a juice with a blender. Add two cups of water to 4 cups of diced fruits. You can add 1/2 cup of low fat milk too. Chill and serve.
For those who are too tired to make juice out of the fruits, you can consume them straight. This helps because they retain their original flavor.

Avoid the heat in summer

Do not sit in direct sunlight. The heat from the sun will dehydrate your body fast. Sit in the cool shade of a tree. This will lower your body temperature and provide more oxygen.
Wear light colored clothes, fashionable or not, try to choose clothes that breath. This allows air passage and augments water evaporation.
Avoid vigorous workouts in the daytime. Wait for the sun to go down, and the air to cool a little before you begin your exercises.
Try to drink lots of water, you will lose water through sweat.

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